All of our lash services include an under-eye treatment; please inform us of any allergies you might have to product ingredients during your consultation. We always encourage our guests to arrive a few minutes early to fill out any necessary treatment forms and enjoy a complimentary beverage from our cafe.


Now offering UV LIGHT CURING!
This revolutionary new way of curing the adhesive used in lash extensions is changing the lash game! 80% of people who were allergic to lash glue are now able to get lashes again, with no reactions, using this new technology. And it's not just for our sensitive clients, it's for everyone! Proving to have superior lash retention, meaning coming in less for fills and saving you money. Complimentary upon request (with select trained lash artists in this technique).

Color and Glitter Lashes are now complimentary upon request!

Lash Removals are complimentary for current clients ($20 for new clients).

Foreign Lash Fills- A $20 fee will be added to new client fills coming from somewhere else. This will block out extra time for you and allow us to be able to make any lash styling changes needed and assess the health of your current lashes. If we see damage being done to your natural lashes, and decide a removal is necessary, the fee will go towards a lash removal instead. If we do not have the time to apply a new full set we will give you the option to book that before you leave.

Touch-Up Appointments are available at $45 for 30 minutes of Classic, Wet, or Hybrid styles and $55 for 45 minutes of Volume or Mega styling. This is great if your fill appointments haven’t timed out quite right with an upcoming vacation or you simply prefer to keep them super full.

things to note

Full Set |$210
60 Minute Fill |$95 ​75 Minute Fill |$110 90 Minute Fill |$125

lash lift + tint

Lash lifts are like a perm for you lashes. This is a great alternative to lash extensions for someone wanting a more natural look, less upkeep, or has an allergy to lash adhesive. Creates a beautiful curl for 6-8 weeks and tinting them is an amazing add on for anyone with lighter hair. Best results on already long, full, natural lashes. Purchasing our GrandeLash Growth Serum before and/or after getting this treatment is recommended.


lash extension options

Classic is the original 1D lash technique and the most natural looking style. These lashes are thicker than volume and are applied one extension to one natural lash, creating a mascara-like look but without the mess and clumping - and, of course, some added length + curl!


Full Set |$140
​60 Minute Fill |$70 75 Minute Fill |$85


60 minutes | $80
(just lift) 45 minutes | $65

wet set

Hybrid is a mix of both Classic and Russian Volume techniques. It is a wonderful introduction to volume and is very versatile. Depending on your natural lashes, and how you and your artist decide to style, it can be very natural looking or more on the dramatic side. The different diameters used create a fun, textured, look that has become very popular.



Full Set |$180
60 Minute Fill |$85 75 Minute Fill |$100 90 Minute Fill |$115

This technique uses 3-9 lash extensions to a single volume "fan". Each fan is handmade and then attached to a single natural lash creating a lightweight, fluffy, density without overloading the natural lash.





This uses a combination of classic lash techniques while using volume lashes + strategically varying lash lengths. This creates a beautiful natural fullness that will keep people guessing! And, as the name suggests, the finished look has an appearance of lashes that have gotten slightly wet.

With Mega Volume the Lash Artist uses ultra-fine lashes, much smaller diameter than even Russian Volume, and hand makes "fans" that are each made up of 10-15 lashes, which is then placed on a single natural lash. This creates the ultra-dense, dark, “strip lash” look that has become so asked for.

Full Set |$150
60 Minute Fill |$75
​75 Minute Fill |$90

Full Set |$160
60 Minute Fill |$80 75 Minute Fill |$95 90 Minute Fill |$110

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