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We are so excited to be able to finally offer prenatal options for our community! As someone who has a toddler and is currently expecting, I know first hand how limited our area is with prenatal options. We are so thrilled to be able to fill this need!

Our 9 month program is designed to best prepare you for the arrival of your little one, including weekly Prenatal Yoga (Monday's at 10:30) and monthly Prenatal Massage (Available Thursday-Sunday). This program is perfect for pre and post natal, with most Mom's starting around 8 weeks and continuing the program post-partum, but there is no wrong time to start and we can work with you and your body just where it is today. After baby's arrival we will adjust your sessions as needed, and work with you and your body to promote a healthy recovery.

We have designed our Prenatal Yoga + Massage Package with the expecting mom in mind.  Working with our Massage Therapist, Taylor, to create the perfect Mom-To-Be Massage using a specially designed prenatal massage pillow allowing our client to be able to lay face down for part of the service. This allows our therapist full mobility to properly work those areas that need the most care.

We have also teamed with our Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Amanda, to create a class designed to help guide and prepare you every step of this beautiful journey up until labor. Focusing on pelvic floor strength + health, breath techniques mimicking how you will breath with contractions, and learning to "hug the baby" with your abdominal muscles to strengthen your core while preventing diastasis recti. 

Private one-on-one classes by special request and appointment only. Please call Cherith at  509-720-0090 for more information.

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