holistic massage + body treatments

All massage treatments include;
An organic oil/cream which has minimal fragrance or is fragrance free
and a customized essential oil for aroma bowl.

We encourage our guests to arrive at least 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment to give you time to fill out the treatment form, relax and decompress in our Spa Lounge with a complimentary beverage of your choice. 

holistic massage

60 minute | $105

90 minute | $155

120 minute | $205

Focusing on body, mind and wellness, your massage therapist will help customize this massage to match your specific spa needs. From relaxation and decreasing tension to boosting your well-being, this full body, holistic massage also addresses targeted areas
of concern.

mom-to-be massage

What a blessing to be expecting! Fiorè’s Holistic pregnancy massage focuses on yours and your blossoming belly’s spa needs. While using safe and nourishing massage oil, your massage therapist will help customize a full body, relaxing massage and safely
target any specific areas that need extra tension release.

60 minute | $95

90 minute | $145

cupping massage

A blend of full body cupping & massage, this holistic wellness approach utilizes suction with a cup-like structure to detoxify, release tension, stimulate metabolism, and improving immune function while boosting the mind and body. Helping to pull out stagnate blood, toxins, and energy, this technique will give you the relief of a deep tissue massage without the sore muscles. It is possible to have colored marks from suction cups which will dissipate over a 1-2 week time frame. After this treatment, you will feel extremely relaxed and ready for bed.

90 minute | $170

120 minute | $220

aroma immunity boost

Utilizing top quality Doterra essential oils, this strategic massage offers a variety of mind, body, and wellness benefits. A raindrop effect is used to introduce the AromaTouch oils along the spine while enhancing health, promoting deep relaxation and
offering full-body benefits. These benefits include boosting and detoxifying the lymphatic system, stimulating the nervous system, and balancing stress and emotions with the combination of potent essential oils and a calming Swedish massage.

90 minute | $145

himalayan hot Stone massage

Fiorè’s Himalayan Hot Stone massage is a boost up from the traditional hot stone massage. These salt stones reduce tension, tightness and increase relaxation while releasing negative ions to help balance the body on a cellular level. Himalayan hot
stones provide important minerals and hint elements that help ease and boost the body as well. During this massage, these gorgeous stones may be used for symmetrical placement to help align internal energy. This treatment allows you to be deeply relaxed while loosening up tight muscles.

90 minute | $170

120 minute | $220

dry brush exfoliation + wrap

Starting with dry brushing to remove dry skin, increase circulation and stimulate lymphatic, this step prepares the skin to increase absorption. A custom body mask is then applied and the guest is wrapped in a warming cocoon to stimulate detoxification, body relaxation, absorption and enhance wellness. While warmly wrapped, an invigorating yet soothing foot scrub, foot massage and a scalp massage are performed. Our 90 minute includes a gentle Swedish massage to wrap up this spa experience.

60 minute | $90

90 minute | $135

massage enhancements

All enhancements are added into treatment time in-order to enhance your spa experience.

Aromatherapy Boost $15
Customize your massage with a selected aroma that targets your specific spa needs:
*Lavender-calm mind, reduce stress, relax
*Wild Orange-uplift, reduce stress, balance
*Balance- sweet woody scent-ease mind, balancing mind & body
*Peppermint-energizing, sinus relief, stimulating, revitalize
*Deep Blue-reduce tension, activate muscle detoxification, energizing, soothing yet cooling (great for deep tissue relief!)

CBD + Magnesium $15
Applied to a targeted area, CBD helps to relax tension and is best for tight muscles and long-term pain relief while magnesium will re-mineralize the body tissues to enhance
muscle healing and regenerating.

Holistic Cupping $25
Applied to a targeted area, this holistic wellness approach utilizes suction with a cup-like structure to help elevate toxins, tension and tightness in the muscles while increasing the benefits of a massage. It is possible to have colored marks from suction
cups which will dissipate over a 1-2 week time frame.

Himalayan Hot Stone $25
Used for a targeted area, Himalayan hot stones reduce tension and tightness and increase relaxation with heat while releasing negative ions to help balance the body on a cellular level.

Scalp & Hair Booster $15
After choosing an aroma, a small amount of customized nourishing oil is massaged into the scalp and hair while focusing on a deeply relaxing scalp massage. This enhancement is wrapped up with a warm towel and calming scalp compressions.

Foot Sugar Scrub $30
Give your feet a moment of relief and a silky smooth boost. Using a customized sugar scrub, this invigorating foot treatment stimulates circulation and exfoliates dry skin. A
warm wrap and relaxing foot massage with nourishing ingredients completes this enhancement.

75 minute | $135

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