Sierra moved to beautiful Coeur d'Alene a little over 10 years ago. This is when her lifelong interest in yoga began to turn into her practice and passion. She knew she needed to follow this path, and to help guide others along their own path, as well.

Sierra became a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher in 2014 after completing Unified Yoga teacher training. 

Her approach to teaching is to meet her students where they are in their practice and guide them towards a deeper understanding of their breath, body, and movement. She loves working with all levels of experience- from beginner to seasoned yogi and will create and hold a safe space for you to explore all facets of yoga; including asana (physical postures), meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques), nutrition, & life off the mat as well.

Sierra park

manager + yoga instructor

Jenny is a wife, mom of Xavier and May and lover of life and people. 
She has over 20 years of experience within the fitness industry and began this journey teaching for 24Hour Fitness in Portland, Oregon. She has certifications in everything from cycle to power lifting to yoga to pilates and barre (and nutrition and life coaching). She believes her purpose is to empower women to believe in and love themselves fully - heart, soul and mind. 
Fitness and health have been a significant part of her life, not only because she loves it, but she also loves what it does for the body. Some of her mantras include: process over pride, breath is power and strong is the new sexy. Everyone of us is designed so differently, so her workouts involve a spectrum of modifications and intensities. Listening to our bodies, believing in our minds and centering our way allows us to become the best versions of who we are. 
She is thrilled to be teaching again, for Fiore, and cannot wait to be a small, but effective, part of your life.

jenny wiglesworth

pilates + barre instructor

Shawna loves teaching Pilates! When she teaches a class, her goal is to create a positive environment that is supportive and accommodating to all. She bases the movements around music that is playing, while paying special attention to modifications for all fitness levels. You can imagine a feel of moving to the beat of the music, while having the option to cater your workout to your own needs as she cues movements for more or less of a challenge. Her aim is to create her classes to target all the major muscle groups, while focusing on core and low-impact, heart-rate boosting movements. When taking her class, you will leave with a great appreciation for your body, as she encourages a mindset of thankfulness, kindness, positivity, and grace. Her philosophy is: “all movement is good movement, while sometimes rest is best”! Her favorite part about teaching a class is building relationships with the members who attend. She is always looking forward to meeting new people, and can’t wait to meet you!

Shawna broeder

pilates instructor

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